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Our People

Bridget Howard

Supply Chain Intern

What attracted you to the internship with the H&H Group?

I have always been interested in keeping healthy and happy, so to learn that a company like the H&H Group was offering an internship that matched my degree was really exciting! The Swisse Wellness brand was appealing to me as it is a global brand, working in an industry that is ever changing and I thought it would be a great way to get exposure to multiple parts of the supply chain and see products being formed from an idea.

What has been your greatest learning during your internship?

Definitely how to keep up in such an energetic, fast paced, everchanging business and being able to pivot priorities to bring the most value to the business as required. It was a great opportunity to get into the corporate world before graduating as it gave me exposure to all different aspects of the supply chain and gain a clearer understanding of what path I wat to take after my graduation.

What exciting projects are you currently working on as part of your internship?

From day one, I have been involved in critical and interesting projects that have allowed me to develop key skills. Some of these projects have included value stream mapping and developing multiple reports including a quality register. Recently, I’ve been working with the direct procurement team on sourcing key NPDs and ways to reduce our wastage.

Bridget Howard