A workplace that doubles as a wellness space?

May 10, 2016

A yoga space, twice daily meditation and DIY smoothie bowls aren’t the future at one homegrown global wellness brand.

While Google is a fun park of ping pong tables and other gaming facilities for its techie employees, Swisse Wellness is a hub of health and happiness.

Step inside the Melbourne Support office for good-for-you-perks like an in-house gym with a personal trainer, catered lunches, a DIY smoothie bar and All Press barista in the Celebrate Life Every Day café, serving $1 charity donation coffees. A flat white, with a side of the warm fuzzies? We’re in! Plus, team members get a yearly product allowance.





Even the air is healthier with the flow-through contemporary design tapping into the Botanica trend – think green walls of vertical gardens, warm wooden interiors and Scandi-styled meeting rooms with names like Clarity, Mindfulness and Happiness. Makes connecting with Peter on that project that much more zen.

Plus, team members are encouraged to book in for NatChats – that’s a naturopath consult with the fully qualified team of health pros on hand, dishing out advice and vitamins, which makes getting a handle on office cold season a breeze. Immunity range for all!

In addition, Swisse Wellness offers off-site wellness activities for reps on the road, so team members have plenty of options when it comes to getting their workout in – and of course no need to worry about returning to your desk sweaty – with showers and changing rooms in the well-thought-out space.





FYI – it’s encouraged to keep your calendar free at 3pm, when there’s a mass exodus to the multi-use room for 20-minutes of self-guided OM.

In fact, Swisse Wellness, who’s philosophy rests on three pillars – Movement, Nutrition and Mindfulness – is holding a mass meditation in May led by 1GiantMind meditation expert Jonni Pollard for its 250 plus team members to celebrate the #SwisseMindfulness campaign.

For the month of May @Swisseau is asking you to show us what your version of mindfulness looks like and tag #SwisseMindfulness.

Because who wouldn’t want to be in the moment at an office that ticks all your wellness needs boxes? You might never want to leave.



Bring a little bit of the Swisse culture, to your 9-5. Swisse Wellness naturopath, Cheryl Goodman shows you how:

  1. Get appy. If you’re new to mindfulness or meditation, use an App to guide you through your practice. Don’t be afraid to try more than one. My favourites? Smiling Mind and 1GiantMind.
  2. Schedule it. Just like your Monday morning WIP, make your practice a priority. Consistency is more important than length of practice, with research showing just 2 minutes a day to have an impact.
  3. Focus on a few. This means focusing on pre-selected specific moments and noticing the physical and emotional sensations that arise eg, eating your breakfast and noticing the flavours, textures and sounds that are created.
  4. Don’t give up! Mindfulness is rewarding, but it’s not always enjoyable! Some days you may have a wonderful, blissful experience, and other times you can be frustrated and unsatisfied. But even these ungratifying experiences are strengthening your ‘mindful muscle,’ providing health and wellbeing benefits. Push on!