Lessons from an expert: How to oil cleanse your skin

July 29, 2016

If your cleansing method ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Most of us have been using a wash-off cleanser since our teens, with the occasional foray into cream cleansing after a big night out and party make-up (and OK the odd bar of soap or um, nothing at all after a REALLY big night out). So why bother with oil cleansing, and how do you even do it anyway?

The hype is down to the appearance of your skin after using oil to cleanse it – converts love the anti-ageing and glowy effect it gives your face.

Oil cleansers contain antioxidants and ingredients that are chosen to improve the condition of your skin, and they work in a unique way. “The principle is that the oils in the cleanser will bind to make-up, dirt, and excess surface skin oils and allow the gentle removal of these substances from the skin,” says Swisse Skincare Specialist, Selina Mithen.

Unlike many soap cleansers that contain surfactants or lathering agent ingredients which can be drying, oil leaves the natural oils on your face and won’t do any damage to the skin’s barrier, which many other types of cleansers can do.



Here’s how you cleanse with an oil

First of all, make sure you buy an oil meant for cleansing, such as Swisse Moringa Cleansing Oil. Baby oil is good for some things, but not for make-up and everyday dirt removal.

Step one: Apply 3-4 pumps of the cleansing oil to dry hands, warm up between your palms then and lightly massage the product over your face and neck with your fingertips to remove any make-up, dirt and excess grime. Pay special attention to the corners of your nose, underneath your mouth and be gentle around the eye area.

Step two: Remove the oil with a clean damp cloth. That’s it!

“Cleansing once per day should be enough and I would suggest doing it at night and then the skin just rinsed in the morning followed by a hydrating spray,” says Selina.


Should you try it?

If you like the squeaky clean effect of a wash off cleanser, then oil cleansing probably isn’t for you. But if your skin is prone to dryness or sensitivity and you like the nourished, glowy feeling of using oils as moisturisers, then give it a whirl. You might just become a convert.