Our History


From humble beginnings to a global wellness brand, Swisse has always had a mission to inspire health and happiness around the world.

The Swisse story begins with inspiration. Kevin Ring, an entrepreneurial spirit from Australia, travelled the world in the 1960s to learn about natural medicine. Kevin came away from the trip galvanized to develop his own range of herbal and vitamin supplements, made with premium ingredients sourced from far and wide.

Once back home in Australia, Kevin opened an organic bakery in Melbourne, specialising in wholefoods and fresh bread. It was here that he launched his first ever supplements product in 1969, in the form of pollen tablets. He named this new offering “Swisse”.

Over the next few years, the Swisse range grew and expanded, and the next big milestone came in 1991 with the launch of Swisse Women’s Ultivite. Considered our flagship product, this comprehensive multivitamin is formulated specifically for women and made with premium quality ingredients. Four years later, the release of Swisse Men’s Ultivite cemented Swisse’s position as a market leader in the multivitamin arena.

The 1990s also saw the development of our unique company culture for which Swisse is now renowned. This is built on the foundation of our priorities, known as the 4Ps (the belief that if you focus on People, Principles and Passion, then Profits will naturally follow) and the H&H Charter (Health and Happiness, which underpins everything we do).

During the early part of the new millennium, Swisse went from strength to strength. We successfully launched in the USA, Asia and Europe in 2013. In 2015, we joined the Health & Happiness Group (H&H Group), a global organisation that shares Swisse’s values to make billions of people around the world healthier and happier with our premium, proven and aspirational products.

In 2012 we launched our own Swisse Skincare range. Formulated using only natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids, the range includes daily facial care, oils, serums and body care products.

Kevin Ring’s desire to help billions of people around the world become healthier and happier is still at the very heart of Swisse’s DNA. We have spent years visiting the furthest corners of the globe to source premium ingredients and develop innovative concepts, resulting in over 200 products that now make up the Swisse range. We are thrilled to share our expertise and offerings with you, to assist you in your own journey towards health and happiness.