About Swisse Earth
Discover what makes the Swisse Earth range so unique

With local superfoods, rich in nutrients

With an abundance of nourishing ingredients at our backdoor, it makes sense to harness the benefits of native and locally grown nutrients to create this range. All but two active ingredients in the Swisse Earth range are found right here in Australia. For the other two, we went to our neighbours in New Zealand to source.

Discover the origin of our nourishing ingredients

Discover the origin of our nourishing ingredients

Hover over the map below to trace the origin of the ingredients in our range.
Kakadu Plum
Western Australia or Northern Territory
Desert Lime
Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales or South Australia
South East Queensland
South East Queensland
Finger Lime
Davidson Plum
Northern NSW
Lemon Myrtle
New South Wales
Blood Orange
New South Wales
New South Wales
Mountain Pepperberry
Victoria, Tasmania or New South Wales
Strawberry Gum
Victoria, Tasmania or NSW
South East Victoria
Green Tea
North East Victoria
Central West New South Wales
Te Puke - New Zealand
CassiPure Blackcurrent Extract - 35%
Canterbury - New Zealand

Responsibly and ethically sourced ingredients

Our ingredients are selected with consideration and care. We work with ingredient suppliers based on their sustainable and ethical practices so that you can be confident that you are only having a light touch on the earth when consuming Swisse Earth products. Our meaningful partnership with our Kakadu Plum growers at Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation means that we can give back to the communities who have cultivated this native superfood for generations. Together, we are working on initiatives to improve soil health, reduce negative environmental impact, enhance yield, and increase understanding and knowledge of their native flora assets, all while honouring and protecting the heritage of Kakadu Plums and First Nations People.

Natural formulas, consciously packed

We believe that wellness products can be good for you, with a light touch on the planet. That’s why our Swisse Earth range features sustainably sourced bio-based packaging materials. We are committed to ongoing research into alternative packaging components to ensure we continue to reduce our footprint.

The Swisse Earth range

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